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How Do You Export Mass Properties Data to a Text File?


How Do You Export Mass Properties Data to a Text File?

I need to be able to export mass properties to a text file. These properties are not only weight, but CG and Moments of Inertia information for parts, as well as X-, Y- and Z-origins for those parts via the next higher assembly, and directional data. I know the data is available, but I don't know how to access it for export to a text file for Excel or Access to read.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Oops. Sorry, forgot PTC has several programs I'm dealing with Pro/E, running within TeamCenter. TeamCenter gives me access to some of the data, like weight, but not anything to do with CGs or MOIs.

Thanks, again.


You dont say whether you are wanting to do this interactively or otherwise. Interactively, select Analysis->Model->Mass Properties. In the dialog, select a CSYS to get the MP in the window. Select the blue "i" button in the lower right of the dialog to open the text version in a window. Select File->Save, or File->Save_As to save the text version to a modmass.dat text file.



Thanks for your answer. As you say, I didn't state whether I wanted it to be interactive or not; the answer is "not". I have used the method you mention several times, but it does not give an answer very friendly to importing into Excel or Access, which is what I need, and it does not give moments of inertia for the components. Sorry that I was incomplete in my request. I need to be able to export CGs, MOIs, tensors, etc., in a bill of material format; I should have been clearer about that.

Thanks, again, for your answer.


Hi Tom,

you can do it with Protoolkit.

calculate the mass properties and dump it in to csv file.


Thanks, what is Protoolkit and where do I get it?

Thanks, again.

Protoolkit is a API based customization software for the PRO-ENGINEER.

you can do the programming using C,C++ and toolkit.

but it is separate license and you need to purches it. please contact your PTC representitive for it.

using toolkit application you can do many activities in back ground as in interactive.


Ah, so this does not provide the information I need, but permits the creation of a tool that would provide the information I need. Unfortunately, obtaining the Protoolkit is beyond my control. Even if I could, I haven't used C in about 20 years, and never learned any of its children.

It appears that the answer regarding getting the information I need directly from Pro/E is "You can't."

Thanks, again.

this will not help you to work interactively.

any way if i get any information i will let you know.


When you view the mass properties a *.m_p file should be created in the working directory. I'm able to view the file in a text editor. It should look something like this.


VOLUME = 9.9973991e+02 INCH^3
SURFACE AREA = 6.3859636e+02 INCH^2
DENSITY = 1.0000000e+00 POUND / INCH^3
MASS = 9.9973991e+02 POUND

CENTER OF GRAVITY with respect to PRT_CSYS_DEF coordinate frame:
X Y Z 3.7526570e+00 4.1598525e+00 2.7793452e+00 INCH

INERTIA with respect to PRT_CSYS_DEF coordinate frame: (POUND * INCH^2)

Ixx Ixy Ixz 5.2012121e+04 -1.5742373e+04 -1.2623214e+04
Iyx Iyy Iyz -1.5742373e+04 4.7745818e+04 -1.3480094e+04
Izx Izy Izz -1.2623214e+04 -1.3480094e+04 4.2773603e+04




Its not the Excel format that you were looking and I'm not sure if being connected to TeamCenter will change anything, but this might get the job done.

Rosemary, thank you, but I need the export to be en masse, giving me the information for all parts and assemblies involved, including positional and directional data. This could be tens of thousands of lines of data, which would then be imported into a database. My expertise is in database design, not in Pro/E, which is why I've had to ask for help.

Again, though, thank you.


I'm working on a similar problem, but I'm trying to get the mass properties into Windchill, PTC's own product.


I created this idea:

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