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Creo Direct Drafting Keyboard Shortcuts


Creo Direct Drafting Keyboard Shortcuts

I am currently using/learning Creo Direct Drafting (Creo Elements) v19 - strictly 2D drafting.  A question has come up in our weekly team meeting about Keyboard Shortcuts. Are there any standard keyboard shortcuts for Creo Elements? For example, in I-DEAS "FS" will save the drawing.






Click on Setup in the menu and then Keys...

In the window that comes up you can click on the keys and see what commands have been assigned or you can specify commands.

Keys... would be under the file menu if your using the standard interface.


Hello Elizabeth,

Under the File Tab you can see a Keys... option click on that and it will open up the Key Definitions dialog menu.

Here you can apply customized keyboard shortcuts note they can on be single letter designation through this interface and have to have a Shift, Control or Alt key prefix unless it is a FNC key.

If you want the keyboard short cut to execute after being selected click the Execute check box after typing in the commands used or just type in a #M after it.

Example: 'WUI_SAVE_FILE'#M this will open the FIle Save As dialog menu.

To create a log of what functions you are using to see what commands are used use the following command TRACE "path\filename.txt"

TRACE "C:\Temp\Test.txt"

After completing the command type in TRACE OFF to end the trace command and then look at your newly created file to see what is going on.



Thank you Thom!

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