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Is it possible to seach for vrml files in Model Manager


Is it possible to seach for vrml files in Model Manager

We started using WorkManager in the late 90s and Model Manager since about 2005. Originally, when the files were saved, a VRML file (*.wrl) was created with the model. Since VRML are really pretty useless and take up a lot of disk space I want to find them and delete them.


How can I find these files in Model Manager?





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I don't think that there is any way within the Model Manager UI to search for VRML files. I'm not even sure if there is a way using the old Design Manager interface. To find and delete them may require some custom database functions. You may need to talk to someone who does Model Manager customization and ask them.

There is indeed no OOTB way in Model Manager for searching VRML files,

However, I developed a way to create a "saved search" in Model Manager using a SQL Query.

This basically combines the flexibilty of SQL with the user friendly U/I of Model Manager.

However, as indicated in my Initial posting, this is only part of the solution.

Really getting rid of the old VRML data is a expensive Task and  a question of ROI.

Hi Tom,

Peter is right: this requires some customization since there is no UI to run such a task.

Using "Manager Server Client" formely "WorkManager", with admin profile and Packet Policy off, some macros would be sufficient. The process may be described as:

1: SQL_QUERY "select distinct elid from wm_files where upper(file_type) like '%VRML%'" gives you all document ELIDs holding a VRML file (multiple FILE_TYPE as vrml1, etc. may exist; check it)

2: LET Mydoccid Dms_filter_errors (DMS_SELECT_ELEMENT UPDATE Mydocelid) returns your doc cacheid for update

3: LET Myltab Dms_filter_errors (DMS_LOAD_FILE Mydoccid) fills up a logical table with all subobject, Mydoc files

4: search this table for each VRML FILE_TYPE and get the file Db_cacheid

5: Dms_check_errors (DMS_DELETE Myfilecacheid) deletes the file

6: Dms_check_errors (DMS_APPLY FLUSH Mydoccid) commits the delete at the main object

Put this in loop, let make it error prone, preventing concurrent access, etc. and I hope this will meet your requirements.

Hi Tom and Louis,

Deleting the files from the Database will definitely free space in the Database (Meta Data) and on the File Server (File Area).

However, you may still get new VRML Files because the 3D Models in your Database "remember" that VRML has been created once,

so when you store such a model (new Version, overwrite etc.) you may get again VRML files