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Moving from Version 16 to 19 + Model Manager-what to expect


Moving from Version 16 to 19 + Model Manager-what to expect

So we are looking to upgrade from Creo Elements Direct 16 to 19, as well as upgrade the model manager


What is the process of upgrading the model manager?  How does that work?


In addition-where can I find the enhancements between the two versions?

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The enhancements can be found in the help of the newest version.

Upgrading involves 3 big steps:

- make sure you have the upgrade licenses

- upgrade your Database (SQL of Oracle) first to the supported version with version 19

- upgrade your PTC software accordingly

Best regards,


The most important question: Are you under Support?

(basically you MUST be under Support because you will need the V19 licenses for Creo Elements Direct).

if you are under Support, you have Access to the PTC Support pages, e.g.

Let me know if you have Support and I will send you a few links to Information, e.g. "What's new in Version XX?" and "What has been fixed/implemented in Version XX?"



We moved from 16 to 18.1 several years ago.  We just upgraded to 19.0 two months ago. There are several changes that took getting used to.

1. The ribbon menu. At first, this was hated by our entire group, but once we got used to it, we do not want to go back.

2. The "Modernized" look where everything is white.  This is a guaranteed migraine by the end of the day.  Fortunately there is a fix.

    Type the following in the command line with "skin" replaced by the chosen color.

          (uib::win-set-skin-style "skin")  skin= :Silver, :Black, :Blue or :Creo.

         for example

         (uib::win-set-skin-style :Blue)

3. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 19 takes a very long time to start.  There has been several complaints made about this to PTC.  I am not sure of the cause.

4. If you have an macros that must show up in the toolbar, you have to add ":toolbox-button t" to the sd-defdialog. Or else add ":toolbox-button nil".

5. The screen flickers when switching from Modeling to Annotation.  This can be bothersome. If you have any employees that are prone to seizures, this might affect them.       There is a supposed work around, but we have had no success in implementing it. "set GRAPHICS_LIBRARY_GDI=1"

There are many advantages to switching to 19. I would recommend it.  Some of the changes made by PTC are irritating, but we found upgrading well worth it.  If you are concerned about the flicker, keep on 16 and avoid 18.1 or 18 as these are kind of buggy in my opinion.



Creo Element\Direct Modeling 20.1

Thanks so much Tom, very valuable.

As far as the Migration from Model Manager 16 to 19, where can I find associated documentation?  We don't have a dedicated IT staff for this, is this something that is easily upgraded?  I imagine it is moving a database to another database.

HI Kyle,

Upgrade documentation is normally presented to you, when you start the installer.

But to be honest, if you have never done it before, you'd better contact a partner to do so.

Do you have Oracle or SQL Server? You will first have to check if your versions are still compatible with version 19.

If not, you will have to upgrade them first.

If you are installing on the same server, and you have never done this before, then I wouldn't advise you to do it yourself.

Best regards,


I am 100% in line with Wim's recommendation.

If you don't have dedicated IT stuff which has performed such a upgrade in the past, you are very likely to end up with a complete data loss.
(well, not a "true" data loss, but your data will be unavailable if only one of the (many) services involved has a problem).

Upgrading a MM Database is not as simple as upgrading CAD (Creo Elements Direct Modeling/Drafting).

The following question is still open: Do you have the V19 licenses at all?