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Non-Linear Analysis of Thin Parts


Non-Linear Analysis of Thin Parts

We are playing around with Creo Simulate and the non-linear large deformation parts.


It appears you cannot do non linear on beam or shell elements. Does anyone know if this will be added in the future? If not then do you know of arguments for them not being included?

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According to the dated training (Wildfire 2) Mechanica (what Creo Simulate used to be called) "performs linear analysis" and "User ensures the stress remains below the yeild strength". If you have tested and found it currently unable to perform non-linear analysis then it is the same and only PTC can answer why it does not and if Creo Simulate ever will.

Do you have the Creo Advanced Simulation Extension?
Without this extenion as far as I know you cannot do a fatigue analysis either.
On the 26th January I saw a webinar on Creo Simulate. They have made some very good impovements
regarding analyzing thin feature models as solids. Some of the items listed below require the Advanced Extension: You can also do stepped analysis and combined Structural and Thermal analysis.

"Solve nonlinear large displacement, pre-stress, dynamic, and transient thermal analyses

Simulate advanced materials behaviors such as hyper-elasticity, anisotropic, orthotropic, and composite laminates Support for advanced modeling entities such as mass/spring idealizations, pre-loaded bolts, and friction on assembly contact points"

Hope this Helps,

Don A

Don Anderson
No time Like the Present!

Hi all,

nonlinear analysis does not support the following things:
- non-solid elements (other than simple springs and point masses),
- non-isotropic material
- temperature-dependent material
- links
- preloads

Creo Simulate can use the "Thin solid elements" that are the "3D shell"; indeed you can pass from each other with a command.
Have you tried with those?
Otherwise you can use a mapped mesh (but you must pay attention at the interface with other regions) or the prismatic elements with the extrude direction along the thickness of the plate (ex shell).

I always thought PTC did not allow it because 1D and 2D elements neglect tension in the shear direction and with non-linear deformation you would need to take all stress directions into account to get a good solution...

Does anyone know when will be released Creo 4 and the new features (for Simulate)?


I retrieve this information some time ago.

Kind regards.


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