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simulation and loading question


simulation and loading question

Greeting all:

In the attached pic, I have a series of rings attached with threaded rod. I
would like to do 3 things:

1. simulate the threaded rod connections.
2. I will have a series of wires that span each individual ring and are
pretensioned (not shown in pic)
3. Loading of the whole frame takes place where the wires cross (i.e.
The very top ring would have 3 wires that cross in the middle of the ring,
this is where I would load the construct.)

I have seen technique guides on PTC web site to simulate bolted connections
using beam elements and shells. I am assuming I would do something similar
for the threaded rod.

The pretensioned wires are a different matter. Does anyone have an idea on
what I can do to simulate pretension in wires?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Wahl
Product Development Engineer
External Fixation
610-719-6500 x6913

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