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Detail Drawing Active Model

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Detail Drawing Active Model

Question: On a detail drawing with multiple sheets, each sheet having a different model (sub-assembly or part) being detailed on it.... is there any way for Pro-E to know what model is on each sheet, so you don't have to remember (ie: before balooning or adding a BOM) to select the current model from the list at the bottom of the sheet. It would be so nice if, once you place a view on a sheet,... that model is always the "current" model for that sheet.

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Chris Benner
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Left click once on the drawing view and then RMB (hold) and select "View Info" - this will tell you the following:
- View model
- View name
- View type
- Simplified Rep (if any)
- Sheet Number
- Exploded State info
- View Display info
- Layer info


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