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Post Process Time Stamp


Post Process Time Stamp

Has anyone experienced incorrect time when post processing (not necessarily related to the time change this past weekend)?

When post processing a program, the DOS window that displays briefly, as well as the info window that displays after the Post has completed, indicate a time that is one hour prior to the current time. My Post is configured to output the time to the Gcode file as a comment, which reflects this incorrect time. The time stamp of the file itself in the file system is OK.

While troubleshooting I eliminated the FIL file and any other processing I do to the Gcode file. Also configured the output directory for the Posted files to various places including the local hard drive, in an attempt to eliminate incorrect clock settings on different computers.

Interestingly the CL file has the correct time, so Gpost must be causing the problem.

What do you think? Any ideas?

Wildfire 2.0 M280
Windows XP SP2



Gary Voit

ProNC Admin


A Subsidiary of Quad/Graphics

Sussex, Wisconsin



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This was a problem with G-Post in the past and we thought it had been
corrected in version V6.1 but apparently it is still not working correctly.
It has to do with the changing of when daylight savings time goes into and
out of effect. Please see our web site for the work around to this.

Thanks Fred,

That worked for me. I'll test with some users tomorrow, but they may not
have the proper level admin rights to make this change. I'll let you


Summary/Resolution of Incorrect Post Process Time Issue:

A workaround was suggested by Fred Nemecek, to disable the automatic
daylight savings change on the PCs running ProNC. This initially seemed
to work but there are other issues preventing this solution.

- Users do not have the required permission to alter clock settings.
- We have a time setting script that runs and keeps changing the time
back, on the PC I tested.
- Making this change now would mean I need to change it back later, on
all PCs running ProNC.
- When I tested in the production environment, the Gcode comment was OK
but the file system time stamp was wrong.
(Perhaps a network file server clock conflict with local PC adjusted
time. Or whatever!)