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Right angle head programming in WF3


Right angle head programming in WF3

Could someone please help me with steps for setting up right angle heads in WF3? I need to drill and thread mill with then. Also what changes are required in G-Post to support this.

Thanks for your help.

Gordon Dunn

Process Engineer

Tampa Brass & Aluminum Corp

Tampa, FL

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Let me first say right angle heads do work in WF3, the help files do have
everything you need to get started, but doesn't always mean after reading
them you won't still be scratching your head. So go ahead and look for "tool
attachment" in help.

It will tell you that you need to make a model of your head, but it can
be just as simple as 2 CSYS and a parameter called "ATTACHMENT_NUMBER" and
give it a number like 1 which you will use while setting the tool up during
a manufacturing sequence.
Make sure you setup a co-ordinate system that has it's Z, parallel to your
tool's Z axis.
And you will also need to setup g-post for this, this part is easy.

Lastly I don't know if you will have the same problem I did, but I had to
change an IJK vector by manually editing the CL file, to get the correct
position of the attachment.


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