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Simple procedure, hard to duplicate in Pro/E


Simple procedure, hard to duplicate in Pro/E


Here is the issue... We have an assembly that has exposed threads, to protect these threaded features in manufacturing (in the real world) we install a Caplug over them. This is fine and dandy, add the caplug part to the assembly then it is good to go. Here is the problem. At the next station (this is physically on the opposite side of the building and could be some time between these operations) these plugs are removed and then brackets (or what ever goes there) are assembled. How does one remove these from the previous assembly in the currect assembly?

I have been attempting to try some ways but most have failed. Currently they are leaving the caplugs assembled on the threaded components and assembling on top of them. Personally I do not like this but the department has decided that it is the best way.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Brandt

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Use the part at the next assembly, not the assembly with the plug.
You will have 2 NHAs for the part.
Let the process plan for manufacturing handle the shop instructions of
removing the plug and inserting the threaded part.

Ben Loosli
Sr IS Technologist
Engineering Automation Systems
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You need Pro/Process for assemblies (I thinks it's part of Pro/Assembly)



Everyone seems to be on the right track here... You will need Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) to access Assembly Process planning steps.

Here's from the help menu: