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Thread Mill


Thread Mill

Hi users-

Thanks for all of your help over the past couple of months.
I am modifying a thread mill sequence. I am milling a 1.035-40
thread using a a single point tool. I want to swith to a 5/16 -40
thread mill to save time but I need help setting this up to maximize tool
efficiency. I changed the tool in the current toolpath to the thread mill
but it follows the same helical path as the single point. I also want to
change direction from bottom up to top down.

Thanks for your help


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I assume you are moving from a single point tool to a thread mill that will cut all the threads in one pass. Funny thing about using a thread mill in ProNC. If you want the tool path to be one helical path the only parameter that effects the number of passes is in the tool. Number of teeth will determine how many times around your tool will go. Doesn't make much sense, but once you figure out what controls what I guess it doesn't make much difference. I would recommend setting number of teeth to 100 and re-run your sequence.

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Hi Rob,

If you setup a multiple tip thread tool, in "Define Thread" you can setup
the cut motion as interrupted (rather than the default continuous). That way
all teeth are used, then the tool moves off the cut, then onto the next set
of teeth. You can also control the overlap in this case.

Climb/Conventional controls whether the cut goes from the top-down or
bottom-up (of course along with internal/external and spindle rotation).

I hope this helps.


Charles Farah
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