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gpost question


gpost question

Can someone assist me on this issue>

I am using the Option File Generator to develop a post for
an MAZAK CNC machine that we have in house. The CNC machine produces
LOADTL record and it also pre select the next tool for the next sequence
on the same line (ex: T8T9) - T9 is the next tool for the next sequence.
I am able to make the Option File Generator to output the next pre
select tool next to the current tool - The problem is the T9 right now
is on a separate line:



Did anyone ever write a CIMFIL routine to get this output:
T8T9 ( on the same CL record ) ?


Thanh Nghi

Cad Supervisor

First Technology Innovative Solutions

Phone #: 734-254-1261

Fax #: 734-451-9549

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We just purchased a new Fanuc controller mill and now need to add G08 P1 for
all my profile and volume sequence. How would I be able to configure Gpost
to insert that into a program? I need to not insert G08 P1 in my drilling


Son Nguyen
Tooling Designer & Programmer

108 W. 2nd Street
Assaria, Kansas 67416
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