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how to create a "contouring" toolpath


how to create a "contouring" toolpath

Hello ProE CAM users...

I´m writing concerning a toolpath creation..this is to create the cavity of a mold for an injection blown bottle.

So far I have tried changing the SCAN TYPE and ROUGH OPTION within a volume milling sequence.

The different toolpaths create so far do not satisfy my boss, he wants the first sequence to contour the profile of the cavity, in each slice the tool should increase its distance from the center, as a spiral evolving towards the outside but following the contour.

I have tried the ROUGH ONLY+SPIRAL option without success. (image included). It doesn´t follow the required toolpath.

any thoughts are appreciated, best regards


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I think you're looking for the Follow Hardwalls strategy of roughing.

You could also have better results if you use the Approach Walls (Paredes de Aproximación) and mark the bottom of your window to make the tool enter from outside, no need to extend the geometry.

If you look at the example attached I think you'll see the strategy you're looking for.

You can also play with your stepover, I think the geometry of the part, and the size of the tools are making it show that way.

Hope this helps, let me know.

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