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parameter - control


parameter - control

Hello Group,
I’m new to this forum. I’ve just signed up today. I have been a member in the Model and pro manufacturing forums for awhile now. I think this is a fabulous resource. I’m fairly new to pro/e so my question may seem basic. I need some help understanding how parameters behave.
What I mean is….how are they read into or from the start drawing Template and drawing format as the part model is brought into my template? First a couple of quick points – one, we are not using PDMLink or IntraLINK. Two, I know how to create a parameter using the tools > parameter menu. I have been experimenting with different parameters and set-ups. I’ve’ gotten close to what I want but I’m just missing something.
What I really need is for pro/e to prompt me to enter the string values for param’s in my title block. I have something that is close now but for some reason I have to select the parameter type â€Ã
“string, real number, ect. Is there a way to tell pro the type beforehand so that I don’t have to select a type for each parameter in my title block? Currently the config option â€Ã
“make_parameters_from_fmt_tables” is set to YES. I have tried placing the param’s in the actual title block within the format and not in the template & vice versa. Similarly, I’ve tried putting them within the Tools > Parameters menu in both the format and the template – tried tools > param’s within just the Template and not the Format. I’ve tried placing the â€Ã
“&” statements in the title block in conjunction with creating the parameter in the tools menu. I select the string option – I leave the value box empty, but I can’t get pro/e to prompt me for the value without re-defining the param type.
I just don’t understand the â€Ã
“chain of command” for how parameters are read. Format first then template? Is it the â€Ã
“&” statements within the Title block then the settings in the Tools > Parameters menu? How do I arrange all these different locations for parameters and their values to get what I need?
Can someone give me a road map to help me understand this control – I have tried so many different arrangements and configurations to attempt to gain an understanding that I have fully confused myself and I am currently baffled by this.

Thanks in advance.
Tracy Willis

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