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"output point type" for lathe programming


"output point type" for lathe programming

when either OD or ID turning, do you program with your “output point” from the center or do you use something else? does anyone use cutter comp in lathe programming? i've noticed when I use “center” for an output point on an OD turning sequence, all the numbers in my CL data are off by the amount of the radius of the tool. If anyone has any suggestions or wants to share their common practices, it would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

paul whitten

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Almost exclusively "TIP" as output point, as long as I'm not using a
groove tool. I have a couple specific instances where I am outputting
radius comp and they use tip settings as well.

It sounds to me like what you're trying to get would be the CL from a
"zero radius" tooltip, but there again, tip or center settings would
make no difference.



We use cutcom on lathes regularly. To get the output that you are
looking for, you need to do three things:

1) In the workcell: At the bottom of the "Machine Tool Setup" window
there is a section for Cutter Compensation. You need to open that
section and set that to "Tool Edge".

2) In your sequence parameters: Set OUTPUT_POINT = CENTER and CUTCOM
= ON.

3) In your toolpath: You need an approach and exit move or Pro will
not apply cutcom. *Note: If you create these moves while in "Automatic
Cut" using the "Build Cut" function, then the Sequence Parameter
"CUTCOM" will toggle cutcom output. However, If you add these moves
through the Customize menu, the Sequence Parameter will be ignored, and
cutcom will be output per your setting in the approach move.

Also note: While in the customize menu, the toolpath display will show
the tool centerline. However, when you "Play Path", it will display the
compensated path which should now be on the "Tool Edge".


Dave Ford
NC Programming Mgr.
G.W. Lisk Co.
Clifton Springs, NY 14513
(315) 462-4381

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