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Express 6, the thing with the 72 hours


Express 6, the thing with the 72 hours

Hello everyone,

don't panic, the server is still active.

Put me briefly, don't want to keep you from watching football

I always wondered what happens when I draw and the 72 hours are used up.

The answer is simple: nothing, I could just keep working.

Then I didn't quit the program, just minimized it to the taskbar and only put the laptop to sleep by closing it.

I now had Express 6 available for more than two weeks without restrictions and without a new activation.

Now I switched it off and started again.

As usual, I had to get an activation code.

Do any of you have the need and time to try it out and then give your feedback here?

It could be that the reason is maybe due to my old laptop. 😉

See you in a few days.

Best regards and have a nice week.



Ps: I run V6, I would be particularly interested in the experience with V8.

(Please write info in your Signature) Sysinfo: I use Creo Elements Direct /Drafting, /Modeling and /Modeling Express 8.0 ( formerly CoCreate- SolidDesigner and Drafting or ME10 )

Hello Friedhelm,

I previously received an anticipation to your discovery:


It's an interesting workaround, even if it does not fit my taste.

Fred does not tell anything about his hardware; I will try with my own new one and let you know.

One thing I have experienced, as far as I remember, is that creating a new PTC account and installing ME on a single PC did not require to refresh the license; as soon as I installed it on the new notebook (with the same account) the license resumed to expire.
Another attempt that someone would maybe be trying.



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