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20 Year Windchill Professional (Architect/Business Analyst) Available


20 Year Windchill Professional (Architect/Business Analyst) Available

Army has put cancelled my contract through my current employer, so I'm looking to move fast on a new Windchill/Thingworx opportunity.  I'm not looking to relocate at this time as I'm located north of Philadelphia.  I'm open to occasional travel, though I'm not looking to become a road warrior once again.  As an experience NetIDEAS (cloud services) Business Analyst, I have experience working remotely in all phases of Windchill.


I have over 19 years experience in Windchill, completing tasks at every level of functionality, from Business Analyst/Solutions Architect to Implementation to Development to Training as both a PTC consultant and as a internal Windchill consultant. As you will see by my profile, I have done installs, technical support, system administration, business administration, data loading, customizations, integrations, migrations, upgrades, Info*Engine, reporting and much more.


I have performed all levels of Consulting, from Solutions Architect, Business Analyst, System Administration, System Configuration, Customer On-boarding, Training, Data Loading, and especially Consultative Selling. As such, I've been the primary customer interface for all levels of customers, from the largest of Multi-nationals, Lockheed Martin, to the U.S. Government (Navy and U.S. Coast Guard), to the smallest mom and pop design shops.


I was in the first consultant training classes for Windchill, was the consultant for one of the first ProjectLink implementations, the first Workgroup Managers (both CAD and ECAD), the first PDMLink implementations by a PTC Partner, and the first implementation of Windchill Cloud Services in AWS for PTC.


I spent 3 years at a Windchill cloud services provider, NetIDEAS, who was acquired by PTC. As member of this team, I was the Business Analyst, being the primary customer contact responsible for understanding all customer requirements, and translating them into configuration specifications.


David Mertz


My credentials are as follows:


Windchill Experience / Capabilities
• Document Management Specialist
• Configuration Management Specialist
• Change Management Specialist
• Mechanical CAD Data Management
• Electrical CAD Data Management
• AutoCAD Data Management
• Requirements Management (including Doors Integration)
• Security Labels / IP
• Migration Planning
• Infrastructure Planning/Architecture
• Lifecycle Management Customization Specialist
• Workflow Customization Specialist
• Object Soft Typing Specialist
• Object Relationship (Soft Type) Customization Specialist
• Software Lifecycle Management Integration Specialist
• Distributed Collaboration / Packages
• Info*Engine Specialist
• Report and Query Builder Specialist
• Reporting
• Desktop Integration
• ProjectLink Specialist
• Visualization Installation and configuration
• Thingworx Administration (Introductory)
• Solr Search Engine technical support and configuration
• Workgroup Managers install & configuration
• Windchill Properties Administration
• System Administrator
• Site Administrator
• Organization Administrator
• Cage Code / Organization to support multiple vendors with similar parts
• Principle Administration Specialist
• Security Certificates/Labeling
• Import/Export Specialist
• Custom Data Loader Specialist including Development of user facing loader
• Multi-Site Caching / Vaulting
• AWS Supported Windchill Architecture
• Access Control Specialist

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) & AEM Integration
Sharepoint Customization / Team Site Administration

Specialized Capabilities and Integrations I've identified and built in Windchill
• Helpdesk
• Software Licensing Inventory Management
• Software Configuration Items Management
• Machine Build (Software) Configuration Management
• Warranty Management
• Product Obsolescence / COTS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) Integration
• Logistics
• Software Security Patch Management (IAVA/Ports,Protocols,Services Management - PPSM)
Risk Management App Design

Windchill Installation (rusty)
• Oracle / Apache / Tomcat install and configuration
• LDAP Configuration & Customization
• Active Directory/ External LDAP / Enterprise LDAP Configuration


I've Dabbled in:
Service Llifecycle Management (SLM) / Service Information Management(SIM) / ALM
Product Analytics
AWS Solution Architect (training - No Cert)