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Arbortext Mastermind Group has openings available


Arbortext Mastermind Group has openings available

If you want to join a trusted group of peers to discuss real world problems join the Arbortext Mastermind Group.


The Arbortext Mastermind group is a mastermind group focused on all things Arbortext. They meet monthly to tackle problems together. Meetings are not webinars: They are virtual discussion groups. (Some might say virtual Support Groups!)


It's peer-to-peer mentoring at it's best: Find solutions that you might never have considered.


  • Be part of an exclusive Arbortext Community.
  • The effectivity of Mastermind groups has been cited in Forbes Magazine:
  • Extend your network and gain the networks of those in the group with you.
  • Offer someone else (or find someone else to offer) a solutions, connection, or tactic to help someone else in the group.
  • Stretch your boundaries by surrounding yourself by amazing people doing amazing things.


There are also members-only benefits:

  • Access to Arbortext TC Dojo video recordings
  • Access to the S3I Wiki
  • Free 15-minutes of consulting time with an Arbortext expert every month
  • And a whole lot more.


The last few sessions have been focused on Documentation workspaces in ACM and Windchill which just happens to be the subject for next month's Arbortext TC Dojo.


Sign up here:


I have been putting together my own group for Editor. I have east and west coast people using 6.1 troubleshooting issues using a centralized publising site. Not sure what I would bring the group except tenacity and a willingness to learn to get my job done. Let me know.

Tina, also be sure to join the Adepters forum over at There is a small but active Arbortext community on that forum which I would encourage you to join.

Attention: Creo 7.0 Customers
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