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Machinability Data Base question.


Machinability Data Base question.

I have never used the ?Machinability Data Base? in real life, but there is a
good exercise training example in the ?Milling using Wildfire 3.0 Manual?.


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Thanks for the information...

I'm using the WF4 NC.pdf help topics, specifically starting on page 689
(pg 707 of the pdf file). This information doesn't seem to apply in
WF4 M060.

I will look to see if the help topics for WF5 talk about the .XML format
and structure that seems to be the "new hotness"

My ultimate goal is to setup 'boilerplate' NC start parts, site files,
etc... for machining electrodes. We do this now with .TPM files, but I
need to know that the chip load and surface footage are the same when I
change the tool definition.

The process is mostly the same every time, roughing, semi-finishing, and

The new window roughing methods seem to do a more efficient job of
roughing off the material that the older volume roughing, and along with
the new window finishing routines, allow for a 'spiral' cut that keep
the tool in contact with the workpiece and wastes less time with
positioning moves as compared with surface machining.

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