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Shifting Drawing Format Problem


Shifting Drawing Format Problem


I have been doing some work on new drawing formats in Pro and have noticed
that from time to time the lines shift significantly, see attached screen
shot. Proe does not allow me to select the shifted items directly, I can
drag a select box out in space and it will highlight the shifted items. Due
to this strange selection and highlighting, I think this is a software
error, not something I have done.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and has a fix.

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I've been seeing this for a while- mostly from only one of our design
groups and most often from one user.
Has also occurred in other groups and users infrequently, so not sure if
related to type of data or just something the user is doing.
Appears similar to this, format border (rectangle) appears off-screen
and items become un-selectable within our "actual" drawing area. Only
way to select the drawing items is to do it where they are not
displayed, up in the displaced "format" area.
I've run it to PTC and sent them files with no good answer.
They say others have seen it, but they've been unable to track it down.
They say we need to catch it in action and send trail files.
We've done that, sent them before/after drawings and trail files, but of
course they can't replay the trail to reproduce the "occurrence"
in-house. The "after" drawing is still corrupt for them, so they're
just having trouble reproducing the actual onset of the problem.
Now we're supposed to "watch" for it and try to recall anything specific
we did just prior to it occurring...
That is unlikely to bear fruit, so I've stopped wasting our time trying
to track it down.
Apparently my call is "closed" and SPR is "resolved", but obviously not
very satisfactorily- as seen below...
It's more of an annoyance than a major data integrity issue.
Our workaround has been to create new drawing sheets, switch all items
to those sheets, and delete the "corrupt" sheets. Not real hard, but
kinda annoying...
Needless to say, I'd be real interested in any progress you or others
have made on this.

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