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Summary: ProCoach, monitor usage


Summary: ProCoach, monitor usage

Thanks to everyone for all the quick replies. There area fewoptions,with the LMS (Learning Managment System) module that was available from Cadtrain, now from PTC, as the mostfunctional. This requires users to log into Coach. The login allows a person with admin login to track usage, progress and how welleach userdid in each section.Unfortunately this is an optionalfeature that we did not purchase when we ordered the training modules from CadTrain years ago. Other suggestions were to use a web counter or simply send out a survey to the users using or a similar web based survey service.

Overall I agree with the general sentiment of the replies that the Coach application is definitely worth keeping. For the modules we have, theannual charge is less than sending one person to classroom training for acouple ofdays.With the always-accessible nature of Coach, the updates andmajor release transitiontrainingavailable under maintenance it's a relatively cheap reference tool. I'd still like to have evidence of use (such as what LMS provides) so I know who is using it and have evidence of utilization if management questions the expense. At this point I may take the survey route.

I think I'll implement a web page counter idea on the internal help pages and linked documentation / tips I've written up.

Thanks to everyonewhoreplied.


Original Question:

We've had ProCoach (originally purchased from CadTrain) for several years. The maintenance is due again and although I think it is a good tool, other than an occasional question from a new user I have no way of telling who is using it or how often. I'd hate to drop maintenance and break the "grandfather" clause that still allows us to keep getting updates and installing it here, but if it's very rarely getting used I'm not sure if it is worth continuing with the annual maintenance charges. Does anyone know of a way to monitor use of Coach when it is simply an install on a local server that the users are accessing?


Is there a Coach available yet for 4.0 or 4.0?

Yes Cad train for WF4 has been available since last June. After a couple of updates it now contain the following modules:
Advanced Modeling
Behavioral Modeling
Style Surfaces
Sheet Metal Design
Mold Design
Introduction to Mechanisms
Intralink 9.0 Basics
Intralink 9.0 & ProE
Intralink 9.0 & Document mangement
Wildfire 4 update from Wildfire 3
Wildfire 4 update from Wildfire 2

Still missing are:
Cabling <-- contains RSD
Piping <-- contains RSD

There are now audio and movie files for most sections.

David Haigh