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PTC/User World Event Post-Conference Training Offering!


PTC/User World Event Post-Conference Training Offering!

To address special topics and nuances related to PTC's Routed Systems
Designer, PTC/USER is offering a special two-day course "Routed Systems
Designer (RSD) User" as post-conference training at the upcoming
"PTC/USER World Event 2006". We encourage our members that use RSD to
enhance the value of attending this year's World Event 2006 by receiving
in-depth training in RSD on Thursday, June 8th and Friday, June 9th.
Please go online at
<http:"/> to read about the World Event 2006
and the RSD training class. Seats in the class are limited. We urge you
to register as soon as possible.

Post-Conference Training

Routed Systems Designer (RSD) User

Class Description

This two day web-based course focuses on core functionality within
Routed Systems Designer (RSD) 6.1 in regards to wiring diagrams and
P&ID's. Yazel Design Services will deliver this course live at the
PTC/USER World Event 2006.

The cost for this course is $750 USD and is in addition to your
conference fees.

The student starts out slowly by understanding core concepts on how RSD
functions as a diagramming tool and progresses to advanced
functionality. The student will learn how to use RSD in typical
situations on the job such as placing shapes, routing fibers, applying
datasets and making changes. This class is built with the objectives of
knowledge transfer and application in mind, and is written from years of
field service experience. The course will be delivered at the conference
with a lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab for each topic covered.
This is a book free class, however the students that attend will have a
one-year training log in to the class (if more are required per company
please contact us). Computers are provided, but space is limited, so
sign up now!

Class Agenda

Thursday, June 8: