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Environment Variables in


Environment Variables in

We have a couple of different ways that workstations are configured. Because some of the file paths are different, we need multiple files. It's kind of a pain to have multiple files and manage which ones are used on which workstation. We have automated scripts that "choose" the right, but we'd like to be able to reduce this down to a single that we can use that is independent of workstation configuration.

Is there a way that we can have the use Windows environment variables?

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Yes, if the environment variables are already set on the workstation,
you can simply use $"variable name" for the file path. Alternatively
you can edit the proe1.bat (calls proe.psf or proe.exe) and add lines
that set variables for that particular session or program.

For example you normally would see the line below detailing the full
path of the dtl file


This is further simplified by setting the environment variable SUTDATA
to c:\stools\configuration\projects\wf3, so we only need the following
in the config file.

drawing_setup_file $SUTDATA\config\english.dtl

If the SUTDATA location is different on another machine or user based,
we just control that environment variable and the config file will
remain the same.


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