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How to generate a new revision of a part and a drawing?


How to generate a new revision of a part and a drawing?


One way is to do a "save as" from the part file saving the part and its
associated drawing file as a new name. If the part is used in an assembly,
than it will need to be replaced with the copied part.

If your assembly is populated with several parts with the old part names and
you are not using a PDM system, I tend to rename the part and save. This
requires the associated assembly where the part is used and drawing file to
be in session. After saving the part file, the drawing file will also need
to be renamed:

* Example: 10-0001_A.prt --> 10-0001.prt and 10-0001_A.drw -->
I would suggest placing a revision control parameter in the part file
(referenced in the drawing title block) to indicate the current revision of
the part.

Of course, after renaming the parts in the assembly, the assembly will need
to be resaved. Otherwise, the assembly will not be able to locate the
recently renamed parts. Before renaming the part files, I would suggest
backing-up the part, drawing, and assembly files to another directory as a

You can still save PDFs, eDrawings, STEP files, etc with the rev control in
the file name if needed (example: 10-0001_rA.pdf to indicate revision A),
but I would avoid using the revision control in the part and drawing file
names in the future with the possible exception of sending those files to a
contract manufacturer for fabrication.


Chris Thompson

Pro-E WF 2.0 & 3.0
SolidWorks Premium 2007 & 2009

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Hello Christopher.

Thanks for responding over the weekend.

I tried to save a copy or the part and drawing with the new revision intheirtitles, but that doesn't work. I don't have the Advanced Assembly module, it you think I do. And for the moment, I don't care about the assembly aspects either.

After I had done what you suggested, I did have copies of the new renamed part and drawing, but if I take the original part and drawing from the folder, the new, renamed drawing won't pull up, since it can't find part that made it.

Thanks anyway.

23-Emerald II

There is a config option that you must set.
rename_drawings_with_object BOTH

After setting this option, when you do a save a copy on the part or assembly, pro/e will automatically copy the drawing (as long as the drawing has the same name as the part or assembly).

Another method is to copy the drawing and part (or assy) to another folder and use rename. Save the drawing after renaming the part.

I would again suggest as Chris did that you really should not include the revision in the file name. If this part is used in any assemblies, you will have to replace the part in those assemblies also. It becomes a real problem if you use parts in multiple assemblies.

If you are using Intralink or PDMLink, renaming can be accomplished much easier, but you did not say you were using them, so I'm assuming you are not.

Good luck,

I got it! I got it! I had a project to get out over the weekend, and somehow with the comments I received, I was able to sent the part to the client. I'll get back and treat these issues with my solution in a bit.

Thanks everso.

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