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Mathcad Integration question

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Mathcad Integration question

We just recently bought 2 floating Mathcad licenses.

I installed our new license file on the license server. Installed
Mathcad on several workstations and that works ok.

I then downloaded the Wildfire2 Integration toolkit.
We are currently on WF2 and looking at WF3.

I'm struggling a bit with the Pro/E Mathcad integration.
Our PTC Reseller can't help and I can't find good documentation on the

Question 1
When I add the WF2 Integration toolkit to protk.dat of WF2 then as soon
as ProE is started Mathcad is started in the background as well and a
Mathcad license is taken out of the pool.
Can we prevent this? We don't want every Pro/E Engineer take a Mathcad
license just by starting Pro/E.

Question 2
When I go through ptcsetup in WF2 and WF3 I get the option to add the
following modules to a license configuration:
Selecting them will result in an error during startup of Pro/E WF2
stating that these features can't be obtained.
With WF3 we get the same error execpt for the _IMPROC module.
According to ptcstatus all 4 modules still have both licenses free after
starting WF2 and WF3.
What's the meaning of these modules?
Should they all be added to a Pro/E license configuration?
When is the _IMPROC license taken from the pool when adding this module
to WF3?


Olaf Corten - CAD Supervisor - Engineering

Mathcad Integration question

*small correction below* .....