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Pro/Engineer Launch Command


Pro/Engineer Launch Command

I posted this a few days ago in the WIndchill Solution area however no one provided an answer to my question. I am hoping someone in this forum may know the answer.

If auser opens a Pro/Engineer file in Winchill using via a standalone browser and Pro/Engineer is not already open, Pro/Engineer is started without all of our typical customizations. How do I correct this?

P.S. We are on Windchill 9.0.

Mark Bohannon


Some additional information.....

We already have the config files in the text folder. That is not the issue. Theproblem is that our normal method to start Pro/E uses a batch file that sets the working directory, declares some environment values, and performs various system checks before starting Pro/E. I want Windchill to start Pro/E using the same batch file method. CurrentlyWindchill starts Pro/E using the OOTB method with the working directory as the desktop which leaves trail files and other things on the user desktop.

I don't have Windchill here, so take that into account. Could you
perhaps rename the launch file that Windchill is using and replace it
with a batch file that points at your start up script?

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

If you can insist on users opening Pro/E first the problem would be solved....
I don't know the answer, but I think I can provide some good questions to help get started

So how does Pro/E get launched from a browser?
If we knew that, we should be able to intercept it since all Pro/E launch sequences go thru the pro/e <loadpoint>\bin directory.
In Pro/E check Help->Tech Support Info
Does task manager show proe.exe executing immediately following a launch from the browser and also immediately before xtop.exe appears on the task list?

If proe.exe is appearing in task manager, than it is most likely launching Pro/E default using the proe.psf file located in you <loadpoint>\bin directory.
You can edit proe.psf (ore proe1.psf?) to set necessary environment variables

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