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background problem with 2 screens


background problem with 2 screens

Hello everyone ,


We use Creo 18.1 (M050( on Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers with 2 screens.
We have a problem with W10 users.
Indeed, when a Creo plan is active on the secondary screen, if you open another file (Word, Excel, Pdf, Internet, and even another Creo page), automatically this page will open under the active plan (background) .
The only way to see that the new file is open is to go to the taskbar to see the application icon.
The only way to display the new page on the screen is to shrink the Creo page.

Namely that Creo has already been reinstalled, the driver of the graphics card is up to date (NVIDIA M4000).

Add to that , I migrated some computers from W7 to W10.
With W7 he did not have the problem, with W10 the problem appears.

If you have any idea or if you have the solution :), I will be delighted.

Thank you



We use 19M03 on windows 10 and have no issues.  18.1 is not compatible  with windows 10.  That might be the issue.

Creo Element\Direct Modeling

Hello Thomas ,

thank you for your answer .

Creo 18.1 works very well Under W10 , except this small problem of display on the 2nd screen .

If anyone ever worked on Creo 18.1 on W10 and migrating to the eigher version of Creo this solved the problem , I would like please , you write it on the post 🙂 .

This would allow me to have a justification to negociate the migration with my management .

Thank you in advance .


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