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drawing.dtl file options being overriden


drawing.dtl file options being overriden

Hello all. I have a user that is using the same .dtl drawing file as everyone else. It's stored on the network and referenced in our config.sup. However, it appears that one of the options is not coming over for new drawings (just for him). Specifically, his arrowheads are unfilled when the file says they should be filled. Does anyone know what would cause this?



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Check the start drawing file that he uses.

The order of stl options that are read are

1st DTL file

2nd the template - start drawing

finally the individual setting for each drawing file, any changed setting that is saved in the specific drawing file is retained.

Actually, that's not right. When creating a drawing from scratch, Pro|E
will look for the config setting 'drawing_setup_file'. If found, it
loads the file specified and applies the settings to the drawing. If
not found, it applies the default pro|E settings to the drawing.

Once a drawing is created, all of the DTL the settings are saved within
the drawing file. Changes to the external DTL file are not applied to
existing drawings automatically, you have to re-load them.

This applies to drawing templates as well, the DTL settings that exist
at the template creation are stored within the template. So, drawings
created from a template have the template's DTL settings, not the
settings from your DTL file on disk.

Pro|E only reads the DTL file from disk when you create a new drawing
completely from scratch.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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