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About Vector Canoe Integration


About Vector Canoe Integration

Has anyone did or cracked Vector Canoe Integration with PTC Integrity as it's not supported yet PTC but still has anyone tried ? 


Hi Kapil,

there are a number of questions coming into my mind:

a) what are the test data you want to hold in Integrity exactly?

b) what are the test data you will hold in Canoe?

c) which data you plan to hold in both tools?

d) has Canoe an external API?

e) can you import and export data using this API?

f) what kind of API is this? Java or C/C++ based?

g) is it a one way integration you plan to implement, or a two way?

On Integrity side I would work with Java or for tryouts with CLI to retrieve and load test data.

But I am not sure about Canoe.

Does this anyhow help?


Hi Volker,

Actually i did integration of Vector Cast and Integrity so some customer require Vector Canoe Integration also but as per my understanding it doesn't looks possible because Canoe doesn't have editable External API like in Vector Cast ... 

So am not sure whether its possible or not ?

What do you think Volker ? Have you also got this requirement earlier ?


Thanks Volker for your response. Smiley Happy


Kapil Jain

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