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Add a field for complete team list to the team item.


Add a field for complete team list to the team item.

The "ALM_Team" item is at the moment not including a definition for the complete team, which causes for many users confusions. They feel excluded from the related project. As an additional benefit this team list could be used, to filter the available users for defining the owner of a change request or task. With the current configuration, when we are defining the "ALM_Team" item type, there is no direct (actual) relationship available with an "ALM_Change Request" while selecting Owners (after selecting the defined team in a CR).

  That's, the Owners field values for "ALM_Change Request" is not dependent on the selected team but depends on the constraints groups which are defined in the Type constraints (as shown below):


This above selection values for Owners remain constant for any CRs irrespective of the defined team/ new team.

Requirement is to introduce/ have another field (user field) called "Team_List" in "ALM_Team" item type, where we can define the actual users involved for a particular project/ team. Depending on this Team_List field (on Team item), the Owners field values (on CR item) should reflect as per the selected team while creating CR.

Example, lets define a team called "Team A" and add all the users which will be part of this team.

Team A (item)
-> Team_List (field) : UserA, UserB, UserC

Now, when we create an Change Request item, we would like to be able to select the user values for Owners based on the selected team (Filter the CR's Owners field value based on the Team's Team_List field values).

-define a CR and select the above team "Team A"
-Here, the Owners field for the CR should list/filter the users only from Team A's Team_List field.
-That's, UserA, UserB, UserC


There is already a similar existing RFC 986555 with PTC for this requirement. Please refer the link below:


Hello Niroj,

just seen your request, which sounds quite interesting, also for my current project.

Can you please validate if I have understood your request correctly?

You have, in the Change Request, an IBPL field with Team Items in it. And when you pick one of the Teams, the Integrity form shall automatically populate an additional field in the Change request with the users defined in the "team" item?

And then, you will tailor manually the populated user list in the Change Request (remove or add more members if needed)

Is this what you want?