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Adding Revision Description Into Source Files


Adding Revision Description Into Source Files

We are in the process of migrating source code control from Serena ChangeMan Version Manager / PVCS to MKS Integrity. With these old

cm tools we had the ability to specify a token in a C comment field at the end of the file that when a change was committed the cm tool would add

the change revision comments/history into the C source file ass shown below. The key token $Log: $ is updated with the revision history when checking in.

Is this possible with Integrity tool ?



* *

* $Log: E:/VM/DEVEL2/archives/Vision/Projects/BENDIX_FLC/Code/BENDIX_FLC2/Application/exetimer.c-arc $

Rev 1.2 Oct 01 2012 17:15:36

QAC Fixes

Rev 1.1 Oct 01 2012 10:01:46

Added ability to generate histograms of execution times.

* *



Hi David,

This is definitely possible to do in Integrity.

There is a section called "keyword policies" in the Server Installation and Configuration guide for your version of Integrity that explains how to set up and configure this functionality.

Hope that helps,


Hi David,

just an addition to Matt's comment: search for the $log keyword... (same as in your example)

We also use "author" to keep track who has changed what.




Hi David,

just a hint, as I'm not complete sure this is in the manual.

When you start working with the $:log keyword expansion you have to to do some testing regarding you comment style:




is far different from

/** $log$ */

We experienced this when adding keyword to xml files.

It seems like the expansion copies all characters it finds before the keyword and pastes it into the next expansioned entry, but ignores anything that is written after the keyword.

When using block comments (as above) this might lead to a lot of opened but never closed comments.

HTH Matthias

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