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Cannot create build sandbox from a project view


Cannot create build sandbox from a project view

Hello Team,

1. One of the user is not able to create a build sandbox from a main project.

2. Steps followed : Create sandbox -> Sandbox path -> Project path -> Select build option -> Select respective revision number -> Click on Finish

3. I get an error window like : Failed to populate sandbox d:/sandbox/sandbox.pj MKS125212: The project file d:/project/project.pj is not registered as top level project with current server.

Note : On this particular subproject i see a ~ symbol on the folder. I have attached screenshot of these.

Should i take any actions with respect to this?

Kindly suggest a suitable solution.





This can be caused by a few possible things. Here is a workaround to try:

Use the si createsandbox command to create the sandbox from the Cli, specifying the project using the Configuration Path instead of the flat path:

  1. Run the following command to get the Configuration Path for the project in question:
    • si projectinfo --project=<Project>/project.pj
  2. Add to the Configuration Path the desired project revision such as #b=<ProjectRevision>, e.g. "#b="
  3. Create sandbox using the si createsandbox command:
  • si createsandbox --project=<ConfigPathFrom#1>#b=<ProjectRevision> <Directory to create sandbox in>
  • *** Note *** Do not include a space between the configuration path and '#b=<projectRevision>'

This sounds like a known defect in Integrity 2009 SP4 and higher. See this article here for more details and please open a new case with PTC Support to be attached to the RFC.

Thank you Mr. Jeremy Grosline for the workaround solution. This was really helpful.

Mr. Joseph Bartlett, yes I have already raised a RFC with PTC Support on high priority beginning of last year (2013), but I do not see any improvements since I cannot influence the case any further. Do you advise any other alternative ?

Unfortunately all PTC Support can do is make sure your company is attached to the RFC through a case and make note of any particular use cases/scenarios for your situation. If you are very concerned about the impact to your users, I would suggest bringing these concerns to your PTC Account Manager.

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