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Computation Result as Hyperlink


Computation Result as Hyperlink

Dear Community,

Within an hierarchical tree of Items we want to make sure, that we do not have any target date conflicts.

There we want to show the user when the target date of a parent item is in danger due to a later target date on a sublevel.

Calculation it, and showing wether there is a conflict or not is not the issue. But in order to make it more handy we would like to give the user a hyperlink to the item that is causing the timing conflict. Is there any chance to computate/calculate a field, that shows the result as a hyperlink to one/multiple Items?

The problem I currently have is, that Longtext fields (capable of Hperlinks in general) do not allow Computations.

Any suggestion for possible solutions is highly appreciated.

To help understand the situation here a quick example:

Level 1: Target Date: 09/15/2015

Level 2: Target Date: 09/13/2015

Level 3: Target Date: 10/01/2015

I would like to show the user a warning on level 1&2 with a link to the item on Level 3.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,



You could run a scheduled trigger to check on the active items and their children, then update a rich text field with the hyperlink. It seems a bit easier to have the computation logic performed in the trigger script.


Hello Christoph,

Did Joe's answer help?  If so, could you mark Joe's answer as Correct Answer, by clicking on that button at the bottom of his post?

If not, could you let us know why, so that we can help resolve this issue?


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager
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