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Connecting Integrity To Data Visualizations Tools Such as Tableau


Connecting Integrity To Data Visualizations Tools Such as Tableau

Has anyone connected Integrity to a data visualization tool such as Tableau? Is there an ODBC driver that can be used?

I understand from reading other posts that certain fields are calculated on the fly so will likely not be available. Not sure if a 'live connection' can mitigate this.

Thanks in advance.



We have not been asked about a Tableau integration before. I just checked out their web page and it does look pretty cool though. You certainly know more about how it works than I do, but could exported data from Integrity be used to create a Tableau report? We export to Word and Excel formats, which are pretty common. Any idea if that might work?

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the reply. I have used Tableau and found the tool very helpful for data exploration and visualization. The tool can connect to many types of databases and file types such as MS SQL Server and Excel.

Currently we export data into Excel and load it into Tableau to do some analysis and reporting. A live connection database connection between Tableau and Integrity would be more ideal in cutting down manual efforts.

One of the biggest challenges in using a database connection is the values for several fields are not stored, but rather calculated on the fly, making them unavailable for Tableau. The normalization of tables presents another challenge.

I agree. It would most likely be nessisary for a proper integration to be written to get Tableau to work up to its potential with Integrity. If you contact PTC Integrity Support we can enter an RFC to add this functionality, or possibly get you in touch with our Services department who might be able to author this integration for you.


is it possible to transfer the data from sql server to mongo db in thingworx.

may i know how to connect tableau with thingworx and how embed graphs are changes by using thingworx.can you please help anyone how to solve these 2 questions.

For any other customers/folks that come across this discussion, wondering the same, reference the following PTC knowledge base article, to express interest in Integrity with Tableau usage:

CS158953: Integration of Integrity with Tableau Business Analytics/Visualization Software


Just because I'm being asked the same question about Microsoft's "Power BI", is it safe to assume it's the same answer?

Hi LLlawaton,

Is it possible to connect thingworx with tableau.In case if it is possible tell me the steps to take for connection.

Why because i am connecting the tableau embedded reports with thingworx.please tell me how to connect.




Hello Karthik,

I cannot answer you because that's what I'm asking too!



is it possible thingworx connection with kafka.Incase if it is possible how to connect thingworx with kafka.please tell me the process for that.



1. Article - "Kafka connector availability in ThingWorx":

  • Resolution
    Kafka connector extension currently not available at PTC Marketplace
    This extension development still not in our Roadmap


2. KafkaThing extension:

Quote: "This extension demonstrates the ability to send/receive messages from a Kafka broker using Thingworx".