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Controlling the order of the X Axis


Controlling the order of the X Axis

I have a problem of the builds in a project are not in logical order. There are 6 builds I wish to chart and the order that comes out on the X-Axis is in Alphabetical order. I would like to control the order.

Specifically - the builds are - build 1 - build 2 - build 3 - Build 4 - Build 5 - Build 6

They show up in order of :, Build 5, Build 4, Build 6, Build 3, Build 1, Build 2

Obviously - I would like the order to be in the order of the first list. I cannot change the names of the builds. There is a date associated with a build, but have not figure out how to sort based on the date of the Build item and show the build number.

If anyone out there has a recommendation, I would be thrilled!



Hi Michael,

the charting capabilities of Integrity are quite "limited"; sad but true .

Most times when you need something advanced, you have to create it yourself.

I use to play around with some custom java app utilizing jchart but since our main usage for "advanced" charts is in reports, I switched to a HTML report based aproach.

In a recend discussion post (see here) I've shown a example how to utilzed jquery and jplot in a report.

The main advantage is that you have full control over the look and capabilities of your chart, as you basically "draw" it yourself.

HTH Matthias

Thank you for taking the time to response to my question. I will look at your post and try your suggestion.



Hello Michelle,

Are the builds stored as a picklist (Project or IBPL)? If so, please contact Integrity Support and have yourself added to RFC 136173, which addresses customizing sort order for fields based on those value.

Either way, you should also have yourself added to RFC 111142, which more generically addresses sorting of charting values.

While you are at it, you almost definitely want to be added to RFC 116441, which addresses generally improvements to configurability of charting, including changing the order of field values on charts.

I believe those three enhancement requests should cover this specific issue.


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager
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