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Dashboard with charts and queries using variables


Dashboard with charts and queries using variables

Is there a possibility to use variables for specifying values for queries and also charts?

What I am trying to achieve without creating multiple duplicated queries with just a different value for a single field - even with sub-queries this can get a real mess - so that I can define a value of a field within a dashboard and all associated charts and queries use this values. To make it even more challenging, the field concerned in my case is a simple text field.


Dashboards of a SW with the release names in field ReleaseName (a text field): Release_1.2.3 and Release 1.3.0


Query 1: All items of type "CR" && Field "Release_Name" == $releaseVar

Query 2: All items of type "CR" && Field "Release_Name" == $releaseVar

Query 3: All items of type "Error" && Field "Release_Concerned" == $releaseVar

The idea is, that a variable is associated with e.g. the query and when using a chart on a dashboard the variable is set to a specific value for the queries. If the variables assigned to the queries have different names, the dashboard should set all of the required variables. With this approach it would only be necessary to define three queries and three charts and one dashboard per release, instead of three queries per release, three charts per release and one dashboard per release.

Best Regards


PS: When I started to draw the idea I realized that it is very unlikely, that this kind of feature already exists. But maybe it can be implemented in the future. The possibility of variables in queries would have also additional benefits, e.g. when different types are collected and fields with different names contain the same value, then it would be much easier to define the variable and use it for the different field filters, and moreover it would then reduce the effort when the value has to be modified - just set the variable to the new value instead of modifying every entry in the query where a field contains the specific value.


Hello Günter,

I believe this would be a variation on either RFC 116441or RFC 125705 (neither of which have a KCS article at the moment). Please open a ticket with Integrity Lifecycle Management Support to have your suggestions incorporated into those feature requests.


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager