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Document Difference View Settings - Web GUI


Document Difference View Settings - Web GUI

Hi All,


we would like to export a document difference form in a certain format. Using the web GUI we are able to easily print the created difference document but this comes with a few issues I hope to resolve:


1. Unlike the difference document within the rich client (non-web) it seems you cannot choose fields you want to compare besides the text field. But to compare changes regarding our references (traces) is absolutely necessary.

2. Within the diff. document changes are shown in a certain format. New text is green, erased text is red and crossed out. We would like to implement some changes here. So for instance change the color green to blue. We were able to change the color of headings from blue to black by making changes to a CSS-File "ALM 2009" on the server but unfortunately we were not able to change the (color scheme) settings for the difference text. 


Every help is highly welcomed 🙂


Thanks upfront and great day to all readers of this little essay

Daniel (Remmers)



Hi, regarding your point 1: I do not have detailed information, but I had the same question to my PTC contact. He told me, that you can add new fields in the HTML report files, e.g. when you open on the server the file:

"\data\reports\recipes\Document Content" you see the HTML code of the report. The fields are in the format <%builtin State%>. I haven't tried yet to change the report myself, but I have been told, that you can adapt the report and add other fields. But I don't know if only Integrity standard field or also custom fields work. And I don't know where to add them exactly neither...



It works also for custom fields.


You just need to edit the report and add additional lines for the attributes after the already existing data rows:


    <td><b>New Field:</b> <%Relationship <%New Field%>%></td>

Depending on your report you need to do this multiple times, for each relationship level: Relationship, RelationshipL2,...

Big thanks. Seems like the right trace to follow.

We are currently trying to implement your tip - until now the new (relationship) field could not be red / imported after adding the new lines as described. But at least we´re making progress. I´ll keep you updated 🙂



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