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Eclipse Intergrity plugin not showing correctly


Eclipse Intergrity plugin not showing correctly


we are using Integrity 10.8 .

In Eclipse Luna the Toolbar in Eclipse looks like this:


Starting with Eclipse Mars the Toolbar looks like this:


Even more in the meantime I've got several instances shown in Eclipse in a workspace.


As in another workspace only one instance is shown, where is the setting to reduce the instances back to 1?

THX in advance.



Hi Dirk,

Integrity's integration with Eclipse does not currently support Eclipse Mars (4.5).  It only supports up to 4.4.x.

What you are seeing, is a known issue with 4.5, since it's not supported yet.

I recommend posting and voting for, a product idea here on the Community.  I'm sure you'll have others wanting newer versions of Eclipse supported soon as well.

Hi Michael,

THX for the answer. I did just so with the 'Product Idea'.

What about the multiple instances issue described at the bottom of my original request above?


Do you see that in Eclipse 4.4, or just in 4.5? I imagine, it's related to 4.5 being not supported.

Support for Eclipse 4.5+ integration plugin has been added in ILM release 11.2 :EclipseIntegrationPlugin_PlatformSupport.jpg


You can also find this information in ILM Product Integrations guide located at :


Note : We're also releasing Eclipse 4.8 Integration plugin with Integrity Lifecycle Manager 12.1 in coming months.




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