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Finding Answers and Getting Help

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Finding Answers and Getting Help

I suspect that most of you are already fairly adept at finding information on this site.  I've put together a brief road map for those of you who are having difficulty finding information.  I have also explicitly exposed links to pages to make bookmarking and/or copying them easier.

Finding Reference Documents

If you know exactly which reference document you are looking for (e.g. The Integrity 10.2 Server Performance Tuning Guide), go to the Integrity Support Portal <>, and click on the 'Reference Documents' link, located on the right column, under 'Related Resources'.  After logging in, that link leads to this page <>.

Apply the filters as appropriate (e.g. Product: Integrity; Reported Release: Integrity 10.2, etc.).  As always, if you are unsure of something, it is likely better to leave a filter unset (e.g. User Role: All User Roles). Unlike the Legacy MKS website, this site actually lists all the results in line, so you can then use your browser's search functionality to look for a particular string—the keyboard shortcut is usually 'Ctrl-F' (e.g. search for 'Tuning').

Tracking Existing Cases

On the Integrity Support Portal <>, under 'Popular Tools', there are also links to track existing cases <> If you run into a problem you have already dealt with on a previous case, you can view the cases you have opened or cases opened by your organization by clicking on the appropriate tab.  By default, the view opens up with a list of the cases that you have opened in the last six months.

It is also possible to open a particular case by entering the case number in the search box at the top, and clicking the search button.

Self Serve Licensing Tools

The PTC License Management Tool allows you to

Select the Licensing tab located below the Bulletins block on the Integrity Support Portal <>, and click on the 'PTC Licensing Tool' link  <>. This tool allows you to create a license file, given a Sales Order number, retrieve an existing license file, display your pending license requests, and manage licenses.

For more information, please see the

PTC Licensing Tool Tutorial <>, or watch the PTC Licensing Tool Video Tutorial <>.

Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by entering your email address here: <>, and following the instructions listed above.

Opening New Cases

There are two methods available to open a new case:

  1. Go to the Integrity Web portal, Login and open/submit a new case <>
  2. Call 1-800-477-6435 and follow the prompts for Integrity.  Please have your customer SCN number handy before calling the support number.

Loose Ends

Please post in the comments below if there are any other topics you would like covered, or if you have feedback about this blog post.


  • 2016-06-21:  Updated this article to refer enhancement requests to the PTC enhancement ideas system instead of the legacy MKS enhancement RFC tracking system.


  • How can I find all the questions submitted or answered by a specific person (e.g. me)?
  • How can I mark items read without opening each and every one?
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