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Hide Time Tracking specific user


Hide Time Tracking specific user


I am using MKS Integrity Server 2009. In which have enabled 'Allow Time Tracking' in all the Workflow Types but we want display time entries for specific users. Kindly suggest to show/hide time entry tab for specific users.





We currently do not have functionality to limit this by users. Please open a case or call our technical shupport department and we may be able to put in an RFC to request this ability in a future release.

How can we hide tabs for all users?

Remove it from your presentation

How do we remove it from our presentation?

In the Admin Client

Workflows and Documents

Types Select your Type right click and edit

In the left column select Presentations

Select your presentation template click Copy button to make a backup just incase

Select Save button at bottom of screen

Select the presentation for your type and click edit button

Select the Tab you want to remove

Select the Trash Can icon

Select Save button

Select OK button

What if we want to just hide it but not trash it?

Click on the tab and set property visability


Hi Joe;

>>Click on the tab and set property visibility

What Version if integrity are you using?.

Up to I10.2 there was no such (extremely useful ) feature like TAB VISIBILITY.

Regard Matthias


You are correct my bad the property I was thinking of was the "Has Checkmark Icon"

So the option is to override the field visibility on each field on the tab or to remove the tab altogether

You have another option, which is to use the "visible when" property on the grid itself to hide the entire grid.

Unfortunately this ends up with an empty tab, but it can be easier than setting visibility on all the fields on the tab, and its easier to undo later.

We use this to hide certain "admin-only" tabs from all the non-admins.

I believe we are on the RFC for the"hide tab" functionality, but I can't seem to find the RFC number.

Hope that helps,


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