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How To: Long Text Field for Requirements

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We are constantly asked how to extend the default text field of Requirements to be able to enter rich text data easier  (Without the need to run "Edit in Word").


Unfortunately, there is no resizing of the text box yet.

But, we can have a new field which we can put into another tab, with different sizing:


Based on the nature of the Integrity Client, both text fields will be kept in sync automatically

(in fact both are based on the same internal Shared Text).

Field Setup:


Perhaps this is something you like to try out?

Keep in mind that you should check any restriction for editability related to the standard "Text" field.

If there is one defined, you must apply this rule also to this new "Text Long" field. You should also check and update the Requirement Type properties.

Furthermore, I was also trying to achive the same functionality for the "Description" field, which is used in Defects, Change Requests etc.

Although I played with new QBR, Relationships and so on, I can't bring it to work.

If you have any idea, please post it here.

Thank you

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‎Jan 06, 2017 04:04 AM
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