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How to add Users to a Group


How to add Users to a Group


it's quite a simple Task but nowhere in Support nor in the Administration Guides i found a hint how to do this.

I've created Groups inside Integrity. Now i want to add Users to this Groups.

(The Login is with the NT User and Password)

How could i do this? Or is this just possible to use created Groups in Active Directory in this Case?

Thanks for help


If you are using the MKS Domain groups, then you can add members by editing the group in the Admin Client.  There should be a Group Members tab, and you can add the members here:


More information on the MKS Domain groups can be found in the Administration Guide: Integrity Server Installation and Configuration > Server Security > MKS Domain Security Realm > Managing MKS Domain Groups. (note: I'm looking at the 10.9 guide)

You can use the Active Directory groups, in which case, the group membership is handled outside of Integrity.  The domain for groups is set in the installdir/config/properties/ file on the Integrity Server, mks.groupsDomain property.


As Ann states, if you use the MKS Domain as the source for your group definitions, then it is a straightforward matter to change their membership.  I am guessing that you have created groups directly within the Integrity Workflows and Documents Groups node.  Those objects are just proxies for the actual group definitions that come from the underlying Security Realm that the Integrity Server is configured to use.  The configuration is contained within the file on your Integrity server file system.

If the mks.groupsDomain property is set within the file, that defines what Security Realm is being used to enumerate the group definitions from.  If that property is commented out or left blank, then the Security Realm that is part of the Security Scheme referenced by the property within the file.  The bottom line is you need to change the group membership in the Security Realm that is being used to enumerate the group definitions, not within the Workflows and Documents Groups definitions.


Hello Wartha Rainer‌,

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