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How to import Excel file in Integrity via using gateway wizard or any other customization?


How to import Excel file in Integrity via using gateway wizard or any other customization?

I have tried to edit gateway file, mapping file but unable to find any solution for import of Excel document in Integrity..Could anybody know the solution for this..?


Hi Shubham,

I see generally two options:

  1. You can go with the Integrity Standard. You create the Document header (doc Item) only and then you use the Document Edit capability (Excel Integration) to add more rows as needed.
    • Document header must exists
    • This integration can not handle section levels (at least I am not aware of)
  2. You can use my own Excel Loader via Gateway
    • This is a customization on top of the standard gateway.
    • You need to have some local java classes (jar files)
    • It fully supports document header creation
    • It fully supports section levels.
    • You may also use it for later updates, even if not intended.
    • It can handle also some basic formatting elements (coloring, bold, underline) - only if you use a local MS HTML converter (VBasic)
    • I am attaching herewith an example of how the template will look like.

Let me know if you like to get more details about the Excel Loader in option #2.


Hi Volker,

As we Import any Word document by creating template and by using gateway feature. Now Suppose we have a Customer requirement Document in Excel and want to import that in integrity, how to do that..?

Let me explain a bit more:

1/ This is pure Integrity Standard.

Read the documentation for the MS Excel Add On at our Support Page (Software Download)


I will send you a document explaining the customization.

It's written in Java and contains about 6 files (jar, xml, one addition to gateway.lax, etc.)

It has to be added to the Gateway configuration to take affect.

The installation will usually take 1h.

If you just have to upload 1 document, then I would go with the Excel Standard Add-On Integration.

If the Excel doc upload will be executed more than once, I would turn to the solution #2.

But if technical support is critical for you, then you can only go with #1.

Hi Volker,

Could you please send me also that customization documentation ?

Best Regards



Hello Volker,

I need to do this Excel import  for a large number of items.

The gateway seems the best option, but I am super new to it. Would you share your file document explaining the customization.package (or anyone who has it)? Thanks you very much for your help.

Hi Danielly,
Do you want to import items like Change Requests or Defects, or do you want to import Documents from Excel into Integrity?

Hello Volker,


Sorry about the late reply. I wanted to import Excel into Integrity.

I contacted Sebastian Kopczewski, who contacted you and via via you helped me greatly. I have now installed your gateway improvement and it works wonders 🙂


Thanks again


I need to export many excel documents as test case in integrity. I have tried CSV_import_utility but that is good for single document.


I see that you guys were able to import multiple document in single go using custom jars. Could anyone help me?


Thanks in advance



Hi @sagarwal-4,


Volker suggested you two solution and 2nd one is perfect i would also say,  because i tried this earlier in my local machine. 
But for customer environment we were working earlier their technical support is bit critical and can't handle this as Volker also already mentioned. So everytime they will come on us so before moving forward check once.




Hello Kapil,


I am newbie in PTC integrity. I was trying to understand things from the previous conversation, but was not able to get much :P.

I basically need support for two things-

1) Can you help in understanding how to import a document from a different tool/server like Doors(specifically).

    I tried doing that but ended up with nothing.


2) I want to import an Excel file into integrity. I tried with import option, but it did not work. Even for a word          import,   it was throwing Heading error.  Any solution from your end keeping my level in mind.

Hello, I know is already 2021, but can you still send me more info about those configurations. Thank you in advance