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Integrity 10 Hotfix Index

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Last Updated:  2014-04-10EDT1652

Final Update:  2016-06-17: 

This is the final edit of this blog post:  Here is a link to the Integrity Lifecycle Manager Master Hotfix Hub:  This hub is a list of all public Hotfixes from Integrity 10.4 and later, and should always be current to within the last hour.

The following is a list of Integrity 10 hotfixes, broken up by service pack/minor release.  Hotfixes are only vaild for the particular release they apply to.

This page is updated manually, so watching Technical Support Bulletins (in the Announcements box on the Integrity Tab) is still the best way to keep up-to-date.  The following list is meant to organize links to the bulletins to make it easier to browse the relevant ones for the release you are interested.

Integrity 10.4 hotfixes are available from the Product Downloads page, under the Integrity 10.4 Hotfixes node.  Earlier hotfixes must be requested from Integrity Support.  It is recommended that a hotfix only be installed if it addresses a concern you are actually experiencing.  Please contact PTC Integrity Support if you believe you require one or more pre-Integrity 10.4 hotfixes.







Thanks for doing this Kael, this is a really helpful page.

I've been keeping track manually in some excel sheets and its good to be able to reconcile them and realize that sometimes the numbering skips a few iterations, not that I missed the bulletin for them.

Not every Hotfix is released for public consumption, although I'm not sure on the reasons why, yet.

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