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Integrity LM: Admin Staging without Stage configured

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Concept Idea


We in PTC Consulting are currently working on a concept to enable Admin Staging without having the Stage System enabled. There are different options available, and we are reviewing them regarding flexibility, efficiency and stability.


What we are looking for


Your input and contribution is requested!


If you have a good business case, and if you are interested in a contribution, then please drop me a personal message with your business contact details. Additionally, describe your concrete business case.


I will contact you then shortly with some more material, that we have already collected.


Thank you




Is "im createsolution" an alternative?


"im createsolution" was designed to extract the current configuration completely into a single file (.imt) and deploy it into an empty Integrity Server.

Common Use Cases are:  Create fresh Training Environment, Create fresh Development environment.

The important thing is that "im createsolution/im installsolution" will work with an empty target only, you can't use that technique to push regular changes over.

In terms of support: as long as your configuration is clean, and not too big, both commands worked for me. 



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