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Integrity LM: Meeting Minutes utilizing RESTful integration

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If you are interested in "Meeting Minutes" and / or "RESTful services" in Integrity LM, read on ...

At PTC Consulting, we usually analyze different solution alternatives for our customers. During such an evaluation project, we analyzed the possibility of interacting with RESTful Services. As an outcome, a library was created that communicates with Integrity in order to obtain items and to create simple documents. (Since Integrity LM 10.9 and also in 11.1 we have included RESTeasy as one of the well-known RESTful implementations.)

I was then looking for a good example and reminded me of my interest to go away from Excel and Word Meeting Minutes. So I implemented a simple "Meeting Minutes Application" on top of the RESTeasy libs.

I am happy to share this with interested people in the state as it is now.


Please note:

  • It was only created for demo purposes
  • It runs on a separate Integrity project server (not on the PROD!)
  • It meets the minimal requirements for a Meeting Minutes app.
  • It uses RESTeasy, jQuery, and Java ServerPages
  • It offers REST Basic Authentication
  • It uses the server side API connection to communicate with Integrity
  • It is NOT a supported PTC solution!



If you are interested in it and would like to try it, please contact me via my e-mail address.


Here are some details:


The Meeting Minutes form:


The JavaScript for the REST call:


The Java REST consumer:



An example after submitting the Meeting Minutes into Integrity:




Installation steps (overview):

  1. Configure a Meeting Minutes Document in Integrity (3 Types, Categories, Fields etc.)
  2. Configure a User Group
  3. Review and install the IntegrityREST war file on server
  4. Review and install the MeetingMinutes war file on server.


Possible Improvements:

I can think of the following improvements:

  1. New Field "Description" on Header
  2. New Pick list for the target project.
  3. New Multi Pick List for the attendees
  4. Automatic e-mails to the attendees when state changed to "Delivered" (Integrity Trigger)
  5. Automatic task creation when category is task (Integrity Trigger)
  6. Automatic PDF generation on server
  7. Additional Comments for each node
  8. etc etc.


If you are interested in the implementation of such features and want to contribute, please also let me know.


Looking forward to your interest, comments and feedback.


How do you manage Meeting Minutes in your group today?




Hi Volker,

Appreciate your knowledge and this Meeting Minutes Idea looking interesting and helpful. I am interested in this implementation.I look forward to hearing from you.


Kapil Jain

Hi Volker,


I found your Meeting Minutes Application quite interesting

I am looking forward to hearing more from you on this.


Thanks & Regards,

Neeraj Jain

Will this work in the ILM 12.2 environment?  I need to make a call to ServiceNow via REST and store the data in MKS.

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