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Integrity Modeler: How do I link requirements with Simulink items?


Integrity Modeler: How do I link requirements with Simulink items?

Hi All,


we are trying to achieve better tracability between our Matlab/Simulink model and our requirements and for this we were hoping to use the Modeler's Simulink Synchronizer Tool.


We've tried synchronising the Simulink model with our SysML Model in Modeler, but so far we have only achieved to import entire modules and their i/o flows. Is there a way of importing Simulink items below the "Module" level, so that one can see the actual functional model created in Simulink in Modeler? We would then like to be able to link the Simulink blocks (say a certain switch or gain block) with the requirements they satisfy.


Can this be done, i.e. importing the functional model?


I understand that in SysML there is no equivalent of each an every Simulink block, but I was hoping that the Synchronizer feature would allow to map more than just the module structure from Simulink.


As a next step, we would like to synchronize the "linked to" information back into Simulink, such that the items in the functional model might show a label "satisfies Requirement Req_123" or something along those lines. Do you think that is feasible?




Thanks for your answers,



Hi Lisa

It is not very clear if you want to link Requirements from PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager or Integrity Modeler.

I assume you are talking about requirements in PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager (from PTC Integrity former MKS)

If so, there is a MathWorks Integration available.

See related post here:

Re: Integration of MKS into MATLAB Simulink

We didn't have a good experience with. Basically it is not working out of the box and you need to pay some consulting to get it up and running.

Also R2011a is the offical latest MATLAB version supported.

Hi Thierry,

Thanks for your reply, and I'm sorry if I wasn't quite clear about Modeler <-> LC Manager. We are using the Modeler only, and thus want to link requirements we have in the Modeler (imported from our RM tool) to Simulink elements. There is a Simulink Synchronizer Tool within the Modeler, but so far we haven't gotten very far using it. However, at least it seems that later versions of Matlab are supported.


hi Lisa,

I've added some general comments on the Simulink integration here.

For your specific request above, this is not currently possible with standard Modeler functionality. You could raise as a product idea and Product Mgmt will consider it for implementation.

One possible option (requiring product customization) would involve Asset Library with a Simulink import. This would show the Simulink blocks as e.g. SysML parts, allowing to link them with requirements. However, this does not exist and would need to be implemented based on the file interface of Asset Library.

Hopefully this helps,



not sure if my problem is related to this specific topic but to me it seems close:

Can elements be traced to requirements through different structure levels? 


Example from mechanical engineering in SysML:

given a bdd representing a product's architecture.

An assembly block is satisfying a certain requirement (satisfy).

The assembly consists of several part blocks (composite association).

One part is linked to a constraint block containing a constraint parameter (composite association as well).

Now, I want to find out to which requirements the constraint parameter is linked (e.g. in a matrix).


Is that possible in Integrity Modeler?