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Integrity Performance Advisor: Installation Details, Documentation, FAQ


Integrity Performance Advisor: Installation Details, Documentation, FAQ

Note: Frequently Asked Questions about Integrity Performance Advisor (IPA) will be updated and added to in the following knowledgebase article


What is Integrity Performance Advisor (IPA)?

  • Integrity Performance Advisor is a ThingWorx powered dashboard connected to your instance(s) of Integrity Server for performance monitoring purposes
  • The Performance Advisor provides proactive insight into the performance of Integrity Server, offering tuning recommendations to keep Integrity running healthy

What data does the Performance Advisor display?

  • The Performance Advisor currently has 6 Gadgets
    1. Server Status
    2. Server Alerts
    3. Server Information
    4. Server Hotfixes
    5. Performance Metrics
    6. Scalability Metrics
  • For complete details on each Gadget and how to use them, please see the PDF file included in the Performance Advisor download (location provided below under 'Where can I download IPA?') starting on page 19

How do I access the Performance Advisor once I've installed the Agent?

  • Once you have installed the Agent, you will need to log in to your e-support account on support.ptc.comand complete the following steps:
    1. Select My Account in the top right of the page
    2. Select Manage your existing Account
    3. Select the eSupport Settings tab
    4. Under Account Privileges ensure Performance Advisor for PTC Integrity is set to Yes (Y)
    5. Navigate back to and select the My Company tab
    6. Click the Add Portlet button and select the My Connected PTC Products portlet

Where can I download IPA?

  • Integrity Performance Advisor can be downloaded on the PTC Downloads page under PTC Smart Connected Applications > Release APPS > Performance Advisor for PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager


What components are required to use IPA? Eg. do I need to host a ThingWorx server?

  • Performance Advisor is hosted by PTC's internal ThingWorx environment and does not require ThingWorx licensing or hosting on your end
  • The Performance Advisor Agent is a light-weight agent installation that is installed locally in your environment to connect with Integrity Server and collect / send performance data

Does IPA have any official Documentation?

  • Yes! The Performance Advisor Guide is included with the download bundle mentioned above
  • The IPA Help Center can be accessed here

Does IPA require any specific licenses?

  • No additional licenses are required - IPA uses your PTC eSupport Portal credentials to connect to the service
  • As long as your organization has active maintenance status with PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager, IPA may be used to monitor your Integrity Server installation

What is the cost associated with IPA?

  • The Integrity Performance Advisor is free of charge!

Which versions of Integrity support IPA?​

  • IPA works with Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.9 with no additional configuration aside from the IPA agent itself.
  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager 9.7 to 10.8 require a hotfix for compatibility.

What data does IPA collect and send to PTC?​

  • The IPA Agent collects a support package and sends it to a configured PTC ThingWorx Server
  • The data captured in a support package includes a zip of the directory and sub-directories of the Integrity Server installation
    • This includes things such as server logs, stacktraces, and garbage collection files
    • Note that data that is not required for diagnostic purposes (such as executables and DLL files) are excluded by the IPA Agent

How often is data sent?​

  • Currently (v1.0) data is sent once per day during a randomly-generated time between 00:00 and 06:00 local server time.
  • Does IPA need to be installed on the same machine as IS?
    • This is not a requirement. IPA can be installed on a remote machine on the same network.

How does IPA connect to IS during installation?​

  • The IPA agent uses an API call to the Integrity Server to confirm connectivity
  • Refer to article CS128718 for instructions to allow API connections
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