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Linebreaks in Longtext field.


Linebreaks in Longtext field.

We at TRW receive quite a few data from our customers in xml format. 

I would prefer to push this information from customer into one of item type, namely Open Point. To achieve this i have a script in place to push data into a Longtext field
which supports rich content.

The script works fine, but my issue is how I insert line-breakers (/n or something like that) in Integrity into the longtext field; so that the data is readable and formatted properly, than having them all in one line!  


Hi Karthik,

We faced a similar data-formatting issue in our solution. We resolved the problem by placing HTML content in the form of a table into a longtext field; and within that HTML we referenced a .CSS file to handle the formatting. 

It you're familiar with scripting in Integrity and HTML/CSS, this approach is prettry straight-forward. The cavaets are the folllowing:

- The field has to be a longtext field with Rich Content enabled.

- The field has to be set to "Never Editable" - this only works for read-only fields. As far as we've found, anyway.

- The value for the field can be set by a trigger/script only.

- You'll have to find/make your own .CSS file in the public_html folder.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,



Hello Karthik,

This requested exists as RFC 148105.  Unfortunately, there is not substantial demand for it, so it is unlikely to be scheduled any time soon.  If you feel this is important for your organization, you can add your organization to this request by opening a case with Support.


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager