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PTC support for Integrity is seriously lacking


PTC support for Integrity is seriously lacking

Is it me or does it seem like since the acquistion of MKS by PTC the support for MKS or quality of support has gone from 5 star to 1 star.


Hello Dan,

Quick introduction - My name is Glen Worthington and I am the Director of North American Integrity Technical Support. Since the acquisition by PTC we have changed our overall infrastructure (the Community, phone system, etc.) however the team itself has changed very little (same general group of Engineers, same internal collaboration processes, etc.).

I would really like to understand the concern more as I take direct customer feedback very seriously. I will reach out directly to you offline shortly to discuss this in more detail.

- Glen


Hi Glen,

IMHO coming from the old MKS online support pages, this new portal is step forward.

Nevertheless I agree with Bob that there some small things that make it harder than necessary:

  1. The search function: When I am all ready in the "INTEGRITY" product section, a search for discussion threads should be pre-selected to "INTEGRITY". The current procedure of "perform a full-range search and filter afterwards", is more annoying than helpful.
  2. It would also be nice if community Discussions and Knowledge base entries could be searched in parallel, at least from the support pages
  3. I general you should not underestimate the skills of your users

I cannot confirm Bob Login problems that works like a charm for me, but I agree the the access to "university content" like tutorial can be improved.

HTH Matthias


Hello Matthias, Bob,

Glen is off for the holidays, so as one of the Integrity Community Maintainers, I'll first jump in by saying that we do appreciate your feedback. I apologize for the frustrations you have both experienced in using this site. We do have a team that is always working on trying to improve the site, and your feedback has been supplied to them.

Let me try to address some of your points, and hopefully cover part of what Bob has brought up as well.

First :

  1. The search function: I agree with you that the default to all is probably not the best choice when you're already in the Integrity Community. In your shoes, after entering search terms, but before hitting enter or clicking on View All Results, I would prefer having the default be Only for Integrity and having to explicitly set the filter to All.
  2. Being able to search through Discussions and Knowledge base entries at the same time has been something we've been keen on for a while now. Customers with current entitlement can actually try it out now here. You can direct feedback about the search beta to -, and I know the team that worked on this would love some feedback for their short survey here.
  3. Does this refer to something you have experienced on the PTC website? Is it part of the Communities or somewhere else on the site.

Bob, your point about tutorials is apparently spot on. I believe the website will be undergoing a change in the next few months to try to organize resources in a more productive way for users of the site.


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

Well it's nearly 2015 and the online support is terrible. It's geared to fence people out, not give answers. For example after registering to be able to use the online support, I tried to select a tutorial to peruse. The site required me to login again, and again, and again. etc.

When I tried to report the but, the contact page required me to supply all my company information again, as if I hadn't already supplied it.

Then I tried to describe the problem, and the page limited me to a small number of characters, so I wasn't able to describe the problem.

Nothing is well organized on the Integrity help site, and when you try to search for stuff you get hits for all other products, not Integrity. I have visited the site a half-dozen times, and each time I get mad as hell because it is so pitifully put together. Hire a usability expert, and clean it up please!!!

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